Plastic-free soap - Why we made the switch

Plastic-free soap - Why we made the switch

Jan 25 , 2023


Nourish Products

We were SHOCKED when we found out that more than one third of the plastics produced in Canada were created to be single-use. We were even more appalled when we read that Canadians produce more than 3.3 million tonnes of plastic waste per year and that over 2.8 tonnes of that ends up in the landfill. 5% of this plastic gets recycled and the rest ends up getting burned in incinerators. This is a huge factor that contributes to climate change and air pollution! 

We have done polls and surveys on social media, asking our followers if they would prefer we ditch or stick with the plastic wrap and we were thrilled that 90% of the people who contributed in the survey agreed to ditch the single-use plastic wrap!

We quickly decided to discontinue wrapping our soaps and we feel very confident with that decision. This has saved us time, money, a significant amount of plastic use and it gave us peace of mind knowing that we are no longer contributing in any way to climate change or pollution.

We believe every step matters when it comes to preserving our planet and we definitely feel like this was the right step for us. 

Since we no longer wrap our soaps, this gives the bars a slightly higher chance of forming glycerin dew. Glycerin dew is totally harmless and washes away with first use of the soap. For more information on glycerin dew, click here to check out our blog where we talk all about it!

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