Do bar soaps carry bacteria? NOPE. Here's why

Do bar soaps carry bacteria? NOPE. Here's why

Jan 25 , 2023


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We've gotten asked this question many times..

Don't bar soaps transfer bacteria?

The simple answer to this question is no. Let us explain with some supported facts.

Manufacturers of liquid/foam soaps have led us all to believe that bar soaps are cesspools of bacteria left behind by previous users. This is simply NOT TRUE.

Studies and evidence have shown that bacteria from bar soap cannot be transferred to the next person and that even if there was some bacteria left on a bar of soap, it wouldn't be able to survive. 

Studies going as far back as 1965 show that even when scientists intentionally contaminate their hands with disease-causing E. coli and Staph, and bacteria are purposely transferred to the surface of a bar of soap, those microorganisms aren’t detected on the skin of a second person who lathers up with the same bar. Another further study confirmed these findings. This time, scientists contaminated soap bars with 70 times the amount of bacteria that can normally live on used soap. They asked sixteen people to wash their hands with the soap, and couldn’t find traces of the contamination on any of their hands.

Do bar soaps work as well as hand sanitizer?

Yes! Studies have shown that one minute of rigorous handwashing with bar soap was as good as a couple drops of hand sanitizer for removing both bacteria and viruses.

The dirt and germs we want to remove from our hands clings to us because of the natural oils on our skin. Soap molecules are designed to break up that oil into smaller drops, loosening up any microbes in the process. They are then all washed away from the rinse of the water!

Rest assured that when you choose to use bar soap you are still cleaning and ridding your skin of any harmful bacteria. By choosing a handmade, natural soap, you are actually doing your skin a favor! You can thoroughly clean your skin without the harsh chemicals that come with liquid soaps and hand sanitizers. We hope we could put your mind at ease so you can continue to use a soap that is a healthier choice for your skin!

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